The Road Home…Day 2

Sunday, April 21, 2013 dawned overcast, windy and damp in Story City, Iowa.  And cold, about 28F.  We crawled out of the double Coleman sleeping bag (Hey!  I remember that!) and packed up loose items for the day’s driving back toward home. No coffee because the 120V wiring was all twisted together into a lump of bare wires and we dared not attempt to hotwire a coffee maker into that rat’s nest. When we ventured outside it looked funny (to us) to see $$$$$ campers with satellite dishes and hot tubs and our forlorn, faded camper nestled between the bohemoths.





So we nosed back out onto I-35 South and settled in for another day of driving. No surprises today, just lots of miles, and driving through Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma.  As dark approached we found ourselves near Guthrie, OK, and again the park finder app proved useful and we chose a large RV park just outside of town. Very nice place, great amenities and friendly owners there to help us newbies out.  We got the trailer settled, unhitched and drove into Guthrie to get dinner and found a  GREAT steakhouse called “The Stables” built in an old livery stable barn. The cool thing was that it was FULL of restored and unrestored gas pumps, soda machines, pedal cars, signs and other pieces of Americana. As a collector and restorer of these items myself I was impressed. And they had truly Promethean steaks. Glorious, seared slabs of USDA prime BEEF!  Now, Melinda and I are both foodies…we love good food, and will try to find out of the way places that have some local color, and this was a score.


Since we had traveled several hundred miles south of Iowa, the temperature was much warmer, so we did not need the heater that night. The inside lights were only sporadically working and so we were using flashlights much of the time.  Night passed quickly and then it was Monday morning, and time for the final leg of our drive home.


Monday was much warmer and pleasant, and so we hitched up and rolled out back onto the Interstate again. We were becoming accustomed to the trailer being behind us and anticipating lane changes and idiot drivers. As we made progress through southern Oklahoma, we were buffeted by strong crosswinds which really pushed us around–a 19 foot long by 9 foot tall box on wheels has a LOT of ‘sail area’–but we looked upon this as a learning opportunity to sharpen our skills shepherding the Shasta (nice alliteration, yes?) down the road.  Oklahoma City passed us by, then many hours later,, Dallas/Ft Worth, and then we turned onto I-20 towards Shreveport. After the always stuporous drive from Shreveport to Lafayette on I-49, we pulled into our neighborhood just before dark.  Having nowhere else to store the camper right then we pulled it into the front yard and unhitched, and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.


Tallulah Belle was HOME.


By the numbers

Total Milage–2632

States driven through — 10

Food and fuel costs–$700 and change

Obstacles encountered–Several

Experience of travel to claim our new project–PRICELESS.

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