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Back on the Road Again!

Melinda's new F 150

Melinda’s new F 150


Since the rally in April, we have been camping twice with Tallulah Belle, and what a joy it is to be able to pack up and go when we wish!

We returned to Wolf Creek park on Lake Livingston two weeks after the rally for a low stress relaxing weekend,and this time we were the only vintage camper on site, but the park was full and everyone there seemed to have a great time. We Had a surprise visit from some new friends whom we had met at the rally, Guy and Beth and their son Ben, and it was wonderful to connect with them again for some camping fellowship. Alas, the weekend flew past far too quickly, and then it was back to work.

Readers of this blog will remember that we are quite fond of Fredericksburg ,Texas, and we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a trip to that town, where we again stayed at the KOA campsite a few miles out of town (where we stayed in May 2014). Four days of shopping, camping, Melinda’s outdoor chef wizardry and of course, crawling through various winery tasting rooms!

Six Shooter Cellars has become our favorite winery location in Fredericksburg, and another visit there did not disappoint. Very knowledgeable and social staff, a variety of outstanding wines and a metric **** ton of fun!

Melinda picked up a Fagot induction cooktop for the camper, and it made us wonder why we had waited so long to do so. An induction plate is PERFECT for use in a trailer, as it does not heat up the interior when using it, it cannot cause burns or start fires – a great advantage with rambunctious kitties in the camper- and allows extremely precise control of heat and cooking.

We went the weekend before Memorial Day due to my schedule, and lucky we did, for torrential rains during the week made the holiday weekend a flood situation for most of the Hill Country. Several of the main roads in and out of Fredericksburg were literally under water during the Memorial Day weekend!

Now that we had logged three camping trips in two months, it seemed as if things were truly getting back to normal again, but the big news was yet to happen. As you have seen in the photos so far, our tow vehicle is a 2006 F 150 nicknamed the Kobiyashi Maru, which has been a flawless and faithful companion for pulling the Shasta. We have been planning on acquiring a new vehicle for Melinda for two years now but the situation was not right to make this move.

Until now.

And so in June, we got a new Ford F 150 Lariat, in pearl white, which is both Melinda’s new vehicle and a tow vehicle for Tallulah Belle.

This truck is crammed full of the most incredible high tech features imaginable, such as 360 degree cameras, blind spot warning, colored ambient interior lighting, and an automated trailer backup assist. Seriously! You shift into reverse and engage the assist, take your hands off the wheel and rotate a knob to make the trailer back up in the direction you want.

I cannot help but think that the folks who built the Shasta trailers 56 years ago can could not have imagined a truck which would back up the rig without using the steering wheel! The juxtaposition of new tech vehicles towing half century old skool campers is really crazy. I’ll add some photos ASAP for visual impact.