Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why so quiet?

It’s been a month since I have updated this blog, and you may be wondering what is happening in the catastrophe-filled world of Tallulah Belle. The short answer is Not Much.

At least for now.

My foot is healed and I am back at work in the Gulf of Mexico, and we will (soon) take some time to fix the issues caused by the flood in Houston and by the beating from the unpaved rocky ranch roads. So far our punch list includes

—replace refrigerator (which died during Memorial Day trip)

—repair on demand water heater (we think that jouncing on rocky roads damaged electronics)

—repair the license plate frame/Trail Lite which vibrated loose on the trip home last time (those rocky roads again)

—get the springs replaced or modified to give 3-5″ of lift so that the rear of the trailer does not scrape every time we encounter a bump or a driveway dip.

—find a better way to cool the interior. The LG portable A/C unit just does not cool the temperature much, and we are looking at a permanent installation solution.

It does not appear that we will be able to make any of the scheduled rallies this summer or fall due to schedule conflicts and already filled reservations, but we are planning on another trip to Texas Renaissance Festival with Tallulah Belle this fall.

One bit of bright news to report is that Tallulah Belle is now a catalog model!!   Diamondback tires has used her to show off their whitewall trailer tires in the  2015 catalog. Look on page 11 to see her in her glory!